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Author Interview with Priyank-I am Dead But My Heart Beats

A fascinating saga of love, education, community, hatred, revenge, sacrifices and hope. That is what the newly launched book of the debutant author, Priyank, titled "I Am Dead But My Heart Beats" is all about. 

Priyank is currently a final year engineering student. He is also the CEO/Co-Founder of Embellish India – A CrazZy Ventures Enterprise based in Mumbai, India. He is an entrepreneur, an electrical engineer but he is known these days amongst Indian readers because of his writing, his life of 5 months as an AUTHOR. 

Today, we have the author himself to share his exotic journey with us.

Hi Priyank. Firstly,a hearty congratulations to you and the entire team of your fresh and crisp novel. Tell us something. We have read that you have stumbled upon this concept of writing by accident. How was the metamorphosis from a non-writer to a fiction writer for you like?

Yes, for me writing happened by chance, just because of an incident which took place three and a half years ago. So, writing entered my life in an attempt to complete my beloved’s dream and give a happy ending to my real life story. 

This transition from a normal student life, who had no inclination towards writing to a fiction writer was full of troubles at various stages. Challenges of doing something of which I had no idea, the risk of entering an unsecure field and of course the typical Indian family drama was always there. Be it how to write a novel since I had no idea of writing, how to approach publishers, ways to overcome rejection from leading Publishers, getting my work published because it was the dream of my love, and now its marketing & distribution, all these stages had obstacles and even now I am facing, at some point, in marketing my 5 month old debut novel. But yes, every hurdle taught me something and still am striving to move ahead, slowly but positively. This journey so far has been awesome and I know it will be more awesome in future. 

Every author has a remarkable life of his own. Has that ever come as an interference in the midst of your writing process? Have you thought of stopping in the middle, thinking that you couldn't bear the pressure of writer's block? How have the values instilled in you impact the progress of your novel?

Before I begin this book, my life was like other normal Indian engineering graduate, studying in a college after cracking an entrance exam. But yes, that incident of my life which involved the accidental drama of my girlfriend’s family and how I lost my love was always there in my heart. On one hand, it gave me the energy to complete this book and fulfill her dream but at times, those harsh memories of the night when she was on death bed and I was standing beside her helpless used to make me weak. This part of my life, on many instants, made me cry throughout the night during my course of writing. But overall, it had a positive impact only because for me, my love has always been my strength. 

So, despite many hurdles, I never stopped in between because I was writing for a cause. I was writing to complete my beloved Payal’s wish to writing on inter-community love and communal differences so that a strong positive message can be given to the society to bring about a change and allow true love to breathe free. So, the pressure of that writer’s block was there but it never affected me and made me think of stopping for a moment. This new task was a challenge and that made me to move ahead. In this journey, of course the values instilled from childhood in my heart of keep moving ahead if am doing something good and which is my goal made an impact. Without listening to external agents I kept doing my work. I only listened to my heart and followed my goal and this attempt always gave a positive energy to my writing’s progress. 

A real, authentic story has always moved people beyond boundaries. Was this a primary reason behind your contribution of this novel in the literary world around the globe? What inspired you to stir a revolutionary novel centered around love?

No, as I said, I had no plans of writing ever. So, the idea of writing real story to move people beyond boundaries wasn’t there. My writing happened because I wanted to give a positive end to my real love life story with Payal. And the best possible way to do this was to fulfill her Valentine’s day wish of 2011 when she asked me to write a book for her. That time I ignored her wish but after I lost her, I realized that the best way to end my love story on a happy note is by writing a book on the theme of inter community love which she had said. Henceforth, this story came to divert people’s attention to the issue of inter-community love not acceptable in more than 90 percent of Indian families and so my attempt was to write in on a serious note, so that the real life connection of our society with the lovers come into picture and that should make it a revolution, thereby raising a voice for true lovers who are not allowed to breathe free just because they belong to different communities. 

Revolutionary novel centered on love was the theme for my writing just because we see in our country that every year, more than 1000 youngsters either commit suicide or they are killed just because of the fact they fell in love outside their community. This novel was written with an appeal to our society to stop believing in these old thoughts and insane beliefs and it tries to logically, spiritually make people understand that love should be allowed to live free. In this process, a revolution centered around love was penned down and fortunately, this difference in a Romance fiction book has been loved by my readers in these 5 months. 

Nowadays, Internet has provided so much of advancements and access for aspiring writers to build their readership and hence, there is much competition being talked about, especially amongst authors. What do you think is a better form-traditional publishing or indie aka self-publishing?

Answer for your question, I prefer traditional publishing if my work gets accepted by traditional publishers else if all of them reject then, of course, if I have confidence on my work, I will go for self publishing. 

See, on any given day, traditional publishing is always a better option because traditional publishing means your work has been liked by a team on merit and they are investing on your work. Secondly, traditional publishers in India have a good distribution network and so your book has the opportunity to reach every leading bookstores and to majority of the readers. In case, of self publishing your effort multiplies, and in india as I am seeing, self publishers are not at all good. They take money but none of them has a good distribution network. It’s the hard core truth of Indian publishing. 

Yes, competition is there a lot these days amongst authors and even Internet has given lots of scope of increasing your readership but that aids to both the authors who are traditionally published and self published. So, technology advancement is same for both, so in that case traditional published authors get a upper hand. Nevertheless, if your book is good, then even self-published authors make a bang!!! At the end of the day, good story matters. Ways of publishing do affect and aid you definitely but even that is of no use if your work is not good. 

Interviews, launch parties and even book tours-which aspect of book marketing do you enjoy the most,by far?

Book tours has been something which I have loved so far. Reason being it takes me to new places. I meet new readers, book distributors and sellers. The tour gives me idea of the market and readers’ taste. Moreover, personally meeting readers and book sellers gives you a great platform to reach them at ease. 

Also, it gives me a scope to travel and taste delicious food of different cities, hahahaha!!! 

Talk to us about your fans' reviews of your debut book. How have they reacted? Were there any negative criticisms that you had to deal with?

So, far the reviews of my readers and fans have been great, awesome in fact. That’s the reason my book’s first three editions got sold out in just 5 months and book has become a national best-seller recently. They have reacted the way I wished. They have accepted the bitter truth on communal aspects and on love which I have written. They have mentioned that yes my book is different and is a revolution in love. 

Well, negative criticisms are always there for every author and it should in fact there be. Because without negative criticism, nobody improves. But yes, in my case, negative reviews has fortunately been negligible. I mean, out of 100 reviews, 8 negative ones I get, so more than 90 percent positive feedback fans have shown. 

Now that you have embarked on a career as an author and you are riding in the high clouds of success, how has your life been transformed? Was this a dream come true for a studious person like you? Do you believe that your life has been transformed forever?

Yes, life is experiencing certain changes and that’s in terms of the increasing readership and the love readers are showing. This makes me happy and their positive response makes me feel that am getting what I wished and Payal’s dream is seeing a positive end. 

As I said, I had no inclination that I wish to be a writer someday, so seeing any such dream never happened. Everything changed in my life after that cruel night of 21st march, 2011 and later, writing happened to come out of the trauma. So, it was never a dream for a boy like me who was mainly focused on studies.

But life is changing. Book’s readership and fans reviews make me feel good, meeting them at bookstores and at book fairs gives a great feel, but that forever transformation hasn’t happened yet. It will happen only when my book will reach in the hands of every single reader of this country and they will make me India’s most loved writer. I need my readers love and support, the day I get it from everyone that day my life will experience the real transformation. Currently, it’s in transition.  

What is your perspective about reading interests of India like? How do you think you can bring a change to the young generation's mindset about reading these days, who are far more engrossed in technological advancements?

In India, currently it’s a good sign that readers are accepting new work. I mean, the taste is that they are not loving repeated work. They want something new, something unique. For them genre doesn’t matter if the work is new and unique. Moreover, readers love to read those books which connect with them and their life, their society. In short, readers prefer practical work, fiction with the element of some real picture is widely accepted by readers. 

Its not that young generation isn’t reading these days. Despite the technological advancements, India currently has the mass market of readers and that constitute of young readers only. In fact, engrossed with technology has caused the upcoming of E-books and online bookstores. So, by any means young generation readers are reading books and their market is, in fact, the target market of many budding authors. And to bring more youngsters into reading, my way is to write in a way which will make them feel that yes, it’s their story. The connection chord with the young readers need to be developed by writing and that will bring them more into this fascinating world of books. 

Which literary novels have sparked your interest and passion in reading? Whose works do you admire the most?

People don’t believe when I say that I don’t like reading at all. Yes, it’s true, I am into writing but trust me, I have never read any books and novels. I don’t like reading at all. For me, its tough to read those 300 odd pages. So, no books and no authors are there in my list except my debut novel “I AM DEAD BUT MY HEART BEATS”. 

Tell us about the upcoming work of your's, "Love Bytes:20 Stories of Love"?What does love mean to you as an individual??

Love bytes is not a novel or any full fledged work of mine. The publishers of Love bytes invited me to pen down a story for them as a Guest author. It’s an anthology and the publishers are launching 20 new authors with their short stories. So, they invited me to be their GUEST AUTHOR. So, one of my story features in their upcoming book. 

For me, Love is a divine feeling, it’s the magical wand of god’s grace. Love is an emotion, it’s the feel of being complete. True Love in real life is very rare, very few people get it but those who get it realize the true worth of love. Being in love is like being in your mother’s lap, true love is like an angel’s care, love is a devotion. Love is just another name of sacrifice. Love in real life is never easy but its difficulty makes it the most beautiful feeling in the world. For me, my love is my strength, love is my happiness, love is my smile, my love is my breath and I breathe it every day. 

Thank you so much Priyank for your value-added time to this small interview. Wishing you all the very best for your debut novel as well as your upcoming works and projects in the pipeline.

Readers all around India and the globe,go catch Priyank's novel,titled  "I Am Dead But My Heart Beats" online at, Flipkart, Homeshop18, Infibeam.





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Spreading the Scent of Positivism Around

As the days go by,the giddy feeling tend to be on super high mode for her pregnancy.She just can't seem to focus on her work, especially her writings and other creative projects such as her candle making.However, she isn't someone who will just give up.As far as I have known her, she is one of the adamant types who just takes some time to bounce back in life and return as springy, vibrant and confident as ever.

The pic she just sent me,(above) simply tells me to stop by and smell the pretty lavender blooms.Yeah, like I would do that in the middle of some nerve-wrecking writings I have on my to-do list.But somehow, I just stopped.Obviously, writer's block was one reason but her eyes did the trick.Her dreamy eyes worked wonders and you wouldn't believe what had happened next.I actually felt such a soothing relief which I hadn't felt in weeks.Sometimes, she drives me mad but I know I need her by my side on a very intimate basis.I can't afford to lose my best friend for she had always practised the prospect of spreading optimism and positivity in my life.

That's what best friends are for.She knows when I'm low and I know when she needs to be pampered.Best friends never leave each other's side regardless of their differences.In fact, that's what makes them unique and we need them, especially in our later youth-defying years!!

Being a housewife, a single mother or even a stressed out female can be playing tough on your lifeline.Your best friends can make the best out of your demanding lifestyle and you know you need them, be it to beat the thrash out the heck of your in-laws, your husband or even feign the "I'm single" status back to your dead life.

J has been more than a true friend.I don't know how she does it but all I know is hat she's totally worth it!! How have you felt about your long lost friends out there?? Have you reached out to them lately? If not, what are you waiting for?? Dial up and make plans right away.Even you have a life and you deserve to live it in your own terms!!!


P.S:We're extremely sorry for the delay in this week's post.Someone apparently forgot to put up the schedule.Yes, I'm pointing fingers,Jassie..haha!! Back to writing, folks but don't forget to leave your comments!!

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To The Female Slaves of Every Household


Fancy being called a slave??Or did I get a cold shoulder from any of you, with an exclamation, "Who do you think you are calling a slave??!!"

Today,a lot of perspective has been achieved about women's rights and even freedom from slavery.Yet,we women are denied our rights,a proper say in the critical decisions that we are to make,without having any form of interventions from the opposite sex or worse,even members of the household.

It's very much accepted that men are easily accepted as victors or breadwinners of the family. Sure,in fact, it is widely acknowledged fact that men are responsible in earning in at least most of the families I have seen or heard of.However,has anyone realized what becomes of women who try to achieve the same means of livelihood and bring a bonus income to the family?

They are Rejected.Taunted.Tainted with Lack of Justice.

Let us take a look at a classic example.

Jean serves her family comprising of her husband.She stays together with her sister and brother-in-law.There are many a times where her conscience pricked her so much where she feels that she has got to do all the housework by herself.Well, her husband can be such a darling,being supportive of her and trying to console her when she cries out of frustration.Even then,sometimes she feels her husband can't help her much in her moments of madness and frustration.She can't even scream out her pain to the walls which are enveloped by the bubbles of silence.

That's where inspiration strikes out of nowhere,where Joanna appears as her guardian angel.

Credit:Guardian Angel Home Care Agency,Inc

Joanna could understand the plight that Jean was going through.She just merely spoke a few words and those words had become the most inspirational and motivational words she had ever heard.

Those words aren't unusual or never unheard of. These words could be the same ones which any normal,ordinary soul would have told you.Sometimes,you might have either ignored it or considered it not worth dreaming about enough to make it a reality.

Joanna spoke to me and every word of her's transformed into pure magic.Stuck between memories,we forget to dream.Contemplate about our passion.Who has got the time for such fruitless efforts in the midst of the hectic schedule already planned for us women?

The truth is :

We Have A Choice.We Have Dreams of Our own.Despite our daily schedule,we have got Passions.We love with our heart and work with all our might so who should even dare stop us??

First, let's love ourselves unconditionally,never letting anyone come in the way of our dreams for they too deserve an ounce of hope to survive within and outside us.They teach us to be stronger women.

Have further tips for our housewives all over the globe?Share with us what you think of this post.

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