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BLOG REVAMP--A special note to my readers

Hi all...

 It is a great privilege to come to this site of mine to bring forward a project which I truly feared--a children's book. Why so? You may ask. If you were one of my readers who had followed me earlier, on my bilingual fan fictions, you would most certainly understand that children's book might not be my cup of tea when all these while,those fan fictions related to various shades of friendship, marriage and love, especially that of unrequited love. So what was this sudden transition all about? How was it inspired?

 It was not in a spur of a moment. I had always planned on becoming a writer. The vision was clearly there but there was no path. Lots of fog piled up on my passion and I had ended up losing touch with my passion, my life. My years spent in high school was a sham and I lost trust in my own self.

Now that was a big vision breaker and it took years to resolve, to revive myself in the walls that I have created for myself. It was hard to even begin to write. I slowly took steps towards writing a small book for kids. This excited me. It brought a great part of my life back through the adversities that I have been lately going through.

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Give me a review in return. It will help me a lot in bringing joy to others who read my works and support them but more than anything, let my story support other women and individuals to not fear publishing a book.

The blog is currently undergoing a revamp, as you might have noticed from the change in URL. My journey as an author will be exclusive in another blog since I have decided to dedicate this blog to introverts and their and my reflections on a myriad load of stuff. The website will be revealed soon. So much is happening and there is more coming up.

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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Becoming a Debutant Author for Children's Books

Contest for Kids and Parents during the festive season of Diwali

This is the start of a great journey for me as a writer. As I tread along, I look to unveiling the cover of my first book.

From the cover, it can be depicted of a girl who's running. Literally to find who stole her favourite laddoos, an all-time Diwali savoury loved and devoured by many kids all over the globe. The way my protagonist, Seema finds out and what she does aftermath forms the crux of her Diwali affair this year.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Virtual Book Tour: Shielded Past by Patti Morelli

It is an honour to host a blog tour for the dearest guest,Patti Morelli for her her newest book release,'Shielded Past'.

 Shielded Past is riveting and full of suspense. So many questions need to be answered. We find out about Kate’s life in foster care after being abandoned by her mother. We meet Annie Collins, her best friend since their high school days. Kate meets her ideal man and they purchase their dream home. This home was restored to its magnificent grandeur by her husband Gregg, and it is here that the intrigue begins. There is a light that shines every evening from the adjacent abandoned Marlboro Psychiatric Hospital in New Jersey, and with this, the suspense commences. We journey with Kate and Annie as they seek answers to the source of the light. It is not only the light they are seeking answers to, Kate’s past is also in question. Her seemingly bright future becomes more clouded by the unknown as the questions multiply. Kate wants to know who she is and finds out rather quickly that she was lucky to be shielded from her past. The forces that must be contended with are both dark and light. The two are not always distinguishable, and knowing who to trust is not always obvious. When Kate finds out her real surname, it connects her to a family she never knew existed. With the help of her new found family the past is unravelled and the truth about her parents is revealed. Kate must now live with the memories of the horrors that were inflicted on her loved ones. Meet the man and learn his reasons for torturing so many innocent victims. The suspense does not end here. There are questions that still remain. Was there a connection to her dream home and her past? Why does Kate and all those who love her feel that she is in danger? 
                    Buy @ Amazon 


Patti's first book was written under a pen name because the personal contents. Her book was the first in 2014 to receive the Gold Seal of Literacy Excellence through Trafford Publishing. Patti Morelli was born in Manhattan, she previously lived in Staten Island, New York and Marlboro, New Jersey. Patti now resides in Oxford, Florida Patti has achieved success in business, politics, marriage, motherhood as well as the challenges life has given her. She is a mother of three and now enjoys the moments shared with her children and her two grandchildren. Patti's husband suffered a massive stroke in 2008, being his caretaker has open a world she had never known before. She finds peace in her writing, Patti has been writing for over 30 years, she now has the confidence to publish her work. Shielded Past was written over ten years ago, after Patti viewed the grounds of the Marlboro Psychiatric Hospital. She said standing in the halls of the building, she felt an eeriness that could not be explained. Through her vivid imagination and her love for suspense novels, she conjured up the characters and then invented what could have happened in this hospital many years before. 


Kate walked over to the window and saw the light also. When the light moved, Sam barked again. “You know something is out there, don’t you Sam, you’re a good boy.” Annie walked over to one of the windows, exclaiming, “Look Kate you can see the side of your house from here. I can see your bedroom window. This must be the room that the light comes from and look, there is a staircase in the hallway.”  “A family has been reunited because of their faith in God. They have truly suffered in the past and are being rewarded by the Lord because of their strong faith.  This is a day of rejoicing for this wonderful family and for all of us. This is a blessed day. Let us pray and praise the Lord for His mercy and kindness.” “What a case. This man is like an onion, I peel one layer and another one appears. Where do I start?  One night, when I had gone to bed, he locked my door and then I heard the car leave. I looked out of my window towards the hospital and about ten minutes later I saw a light go on, it was on the second floor. I shuddered, remembering how he would go into Joshua’s room at night. Could that be Joshua’s room, I thought to myself?  “I was not always this monster. I believed I was going to change the world for the better. I truly wanted to help people."  “Are you kidding me? We are dealing with possibly two murderers out there and you are falling in love with me? Don’t you think there is something wrong with this picture?”


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Possible Causes of Introverts' Deaths

The world is a great place to live and thrive in,isn't it?? This article speaks for the silent introverts who are immersed in deep bouts of self-connection and probably alienation from the world.I can relate to this,being a party spoiler myself.

For starters,I raise my glass to introverts.Not just because I am an introvert myself but this life..Ohh this worldly life is a pretty mismatch for us,especially by whoever who treat us so cruelly and unjustly.Their eyes simply fail to see the beauty that lies within us.

Speaking from experience,I had been facing multiple issues since many years but in 2011 or 2012,I had solved the main problem.

The prospect of people pleasing,which sprouted since 2004!!This unpleasant nature had gotten to me so deep and settled in that it had become an integral part of me.Little did I knew that it had been gnawing at me,just like silent killer diseases.

The way I had discovered about this progressive disease of mine was via bouts of silent discoveries at each stage.Not just that but also the fact that some lovely unwanted idiots would pry on me and tell on me to my parents,who had a shocking discovery of how i had fallen into this evil trap of falsehood of

P.E.E.R  P.R.E.S.S.U.R.E!!!

I kept lying to my wannabe friends,one lie after another.Sure,this led me to having some popular defying girls during my teenage years.I had literally been manipulated so easily,with elevated thoughts of how terrible my parents were.

What the hell was i thinking???I've got the best parents but what the hell did i become back then??Yuckzz!!!😰😲😲

The next set of friends were no different.I had known them since childhood actually but we didn't really get close.We met on couple of festive occasions and that was it.If you're probably wondering,that was because these friends were the daughters of my mum's casual buddies.

I was expecting myself to feel much better than the previous clique of friends i had hung out with.To my horror,i had caught myself and my heart wandering away from the incessant small talks of these girls who had preferred talking about guys and relationships,clearly something which i had the least interest in talking about.Why would they want to bring up stories related to the lies i had once told my previous batch,about me having an imaginary boyfriend who took interest in me??

I had apparently wanted to run away from all of these that the world was attempting to challenge me with--that my past is gonna haunt me for life.Then,i made a choice and contemplated seriously over a couple of days,maybe a week before i announced my decision to my mum and then to one of the members of the tribe that was formed by the team of newly found friends.

Though it had been years since i had alienated myself from the tribe,we meet and socialize over festive seasons sometimes now.That's cool by me and something which my heart wants.

Ok,you might be wondering,why the tale now?The reason for shedding this layer of me is simply because i trust you.Each one of you,who's reading every word I've written.That the self-esteem of us introverts get shaken up so easily that it becomes almost impossible to build it back.We seek self-guide books and coaching gurus to mentor us back on the trail to elevated self-esteem.

No offence to their occupations and way of living but I have managed to boost my self-esteem and the strategy is very simple.The answer lies within yourself.

My heart has embraced my introversion,regardless of whether the members of the tribe or their mums accept my decision or not.That includes my mum as well.

The circle of introversion has to be brought further for a good cause.Self-esteem plays a crucial role in it.It may be only 1% of the issues that introverts face from this world but it affects them so much that they'd rather die than be with a bunch of wild party freaks and daredevils who go to extremes.

In the next segment,we shall have a bit of a chat about the difference between us introverts and the opponent extroverts in terms of the Attraction Factor that both teams demand.

Keep your feedback coming and stay with me as I bring you further into the interesting realm of introversion,where the silent voices ultimately fight to be heard.


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Short Story--Mama's Cuppa Love!!

First Short Story-Mama's Cuppa Love by Jassie S.

'Where is mama?' I needed her right now. I didn't bother to think about what my in-laws would think about my attitude.'Will they think i am an absolute no-match for Raghav?'

Well,i certainly don't care. I needed my mama.How could she just have disappeared during the wedding rituals?She was supposed to be there with me especially when i was pronouncing my vows publicly to the most affectionate person I could have only met through the elegant,transpicuous eyes of my mama.

'Mama!!!' I had shouted out loud.I barged into her room and violently opened the doors of her wardrobe.
Nothing was amiss.It was just the way it was.Perhaps,more organised and meticulously tidy.

'No,no.There is something wrong.I clearly recall her long dresses not having been ironed in a long time.She works to ensure our clothes were always ironed on time.But no one bothered to look or even peek at the stash of her clothes.'

My kajal was slowly getting smudged as an emerging fat tear rested on my lower eyelid as i saw a folded envelope on the bedside table.I unfolded the envelope and began reading the precious words flowing from the soul of my mama.

'Dearest Mehak,

Being immersed in self-doubt and bursts of childlike temperaments, my heart skipped a beat as i remember reaching two differing paths.

One where my gut knew that's not where i belonged,
Which pulled me away from the world that i had crafted in my mind,
Yet tempted me to fit myself in for that's where family belonged,
That's where your brain dominated,taking practical decisions,avoiding all sorts of skepticism,doubts and rejection.
Pleasing all with a pseudo-smile, bringing about a misrepresentation of an atmosphere filled with 'attractive meta tags' associating you with materialism and success.

But what about the second path?Why do you hesitate to even tread on the path less travelled?Have you stopped to ponder upon the reason behind your brain's act of hindering what your heart truly relishes?If it desires miracles,why aren't you training your mind to be open to the beautiful colours of life?

Today,i write to you once again,decades after with strong resilience and willpower to start life anew. I had fallen dead ages ago when i met your papa. He might have been a great papa but what do i really have in him as a mate for life?I can't say much.That doesn't mean my heart is devoid of emotional feelings for him.Try reading further and perhaps you can comprehend.

You had always been a great companion for me ever since your birth.I could confide in you the darkest truths of my life just by looking at your face for it emits a beautiful vibe of hope and intimacy.That you wouldn't judge me for my feelings which could barely be understood by your papa who couldn't leave any stone unturned,as seen through his contemptuous laughter at the sensitive feelings that i possess. The very prospect of being judged constantly and talking about your inner feelings in front of others can stifle the happiness you once thought was in your hamper of life experiences after marital bliss.

I felt i found myself emerging in ecstasy upon your knock at my doorstep.You took just 12 months after the subsiding marital hues and stood by me throughout my life,bringing me closer to myself with each passing year.Your eyes spoke volumes of why your papa took so long to come back home.Sometimes he never made it.But never did you hear me fret about it.Have you ever wondered why?

Life has its dramatic moments,you and i especially knew it in your teenage years.Betrayals and judgments from friends you had made me believe that i am ever so glad to be by your side,without questioning anything.Because as a true soul,i just knew what the heavens you were going through. I had been there too dear,struggling all my life.Turning out to recoil deeper,tying the knots of introversion as tightly as i could so that no one dared break my walls.

My introversion had always been misunderstood but in your case,you saw a friend in me and started sharing everything with me,many months later.

My baby girl,you always will be.Remember the awkwardness you felt upon meeting Raghav?The fact that you didn't even notice his presence until he met you the fifth time,when i actually had to introduce you to him,just made me laugh heartily as you mirrored me when i used to be your age.Guys interested me the least.All i could say is no matter the endless times i prayed to God to not make you like me,you just turned out to be me,perhaps a glamorous and a sexier me.

I could keep writing for this is literally how i communicate fluently.Your papa would always call me a lady of few words but that's because he couldn't see the beauty of introversion and distinct love languages that we both harboured.

Your attachments to me are slowly melding away,getting more brittle with the imminent distance that we both are about to take from each other.All these years,i have always let you dream,take risks,face failures and soar in life after stumbling upon hard patches in life.It is time to tread the path less travelled,my Mehak.

You can't achieve anything with the prospect of pleasing everyone.If no one hates you,there must be something truly wrong for that's called compromising the quality of life God has gifted you.Embrace your life by taking charge of it,as much as possible in whatever ways you can.I have wasted my years serving your papa who never truly understood me but i stood by,only for you,only glad about it.Not wanting you to turn into someone who gives up on her dreams post marriage.I had not become so adamant and demanding to attain my reality.

Today i realized that upon hearing your's and Raghav's vows.I was there,dear but you didn't see me as i was right at the back.As i heard the exchange of vows,i felt my heart gradually engulfing in flames.Despite acknowledging myself as a true introvert,i have never dared to make my passionate life public.I had a second love which was kept private till now,which i intend to expose it,only to you.

I am leaving your papa behind for the life i truly desire and love.For the glow of my life to return eternally to me,i am embarking on a new journey,a new career for myself.I am not seeking anyone's approval for this is my life.My eternity.

The only advice i have for you is to take care of your papa.He will be shattered because he loves me too much to admit.You and Raghav are about to enter an adventurous and tumultuous life of your own.Be there to support each other,not like me or your papa in any case.

Mehak,i will always be grateful to you for bringing me back.Alive.Free from the depressive state i had silently suffered over all these years.You have illuminated me with an everlasting ray of hope,which i intend to bring with me till my grave.'

'Aww mama!!'

Mehak became extremely poignant as she recalled her memories as her mama blended into being the most special friend in her life.To receive such an incredible honour was enlightening and blissful.She wiped her tears and saw Raghav outside her mama's room.Raghav held the knuckles of both her hands and pressed mildly,gesticulating to her to smile.He swept her off the floor and brought her to the kitchen,where there was a gateway to a deserted path.

Mehak was surprised.Raghav smiled and took her hand as they slowly began to embrace the path less travelled,in the undying hopes of meeting the special person who brought them together--Meera,their very own mama!!!

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Top 5 Transformative Events for the Introverted Mum

The year 2015 has come.But why have I not embraced it as of yet?Why do I still feel stuck in 2014??

The reason brings me to an unexpected flashback.

It dated back to January.Mid Jan,i believe so.Maybe i could be wrong.I have just returned from a trip which seemed to have bouts of romance being churned around.The first year of marital romance can be interestingly hypnotising especially if none had gone on a planned honeymoon.More than marriage,it may deem as a long distance relationship which turned out successful.So far,thank God for that.
Meeting his parents after some time can be taxing as the expected questions pop up.Some relatives blabbered about an unusual glow on my face,which i had no idea of.Come on,I had never really looked myself in the mirror to even notice if i was glowing or not.All i know is that i looked perfectly normal.And thatz plain Jane me and that suffices!!When i reached back home after much exhaustion after meeting them,now it was the turn to face my parents.

Upon much persistence, i finally bought a kit.And i was so sure that the results were surely going to be negative.
But moments later,i was in for a deep shock!!!

Result: Positive!!

Now,what the hell was that?I did the test again and yet again it adamantly persists!!

I was impregnated!!

The first few moments struck me so hard that I barely moved.I was on the ground,with my spine leaned against my wardrobe.I recollected how both of us were definitely on the same page,not even thinking of a baby at that point of time.I remember panicking like this when i got surprisingly engaged.And married.And now this??? 

Life happened.Now anothe life had been procreated and is now sleeping soundly next to me.But sadly as I write,my inner voice crept in my mind,making me look at her as i write each alphabet.Is she going to wake up now?Will she open her eyes and start crying this instant??

So anyone who has gotten acquainted with a new mum will know that this has been experienced before.Of course,some new mummies are desperate and eager to embrace their special love with open arms but girls,was I just so super confused and dumbstruck when my bundle of joy appeared before me.

She was definitely,without a speck of doubt,special and a true gift from my Lord.She is gorgeous,i know it but am I worthy enough to be her mum?I felt so incomplete for some reason,as though I didn't deserve her or my hubby in the first place.

All my life i had been so uncomfortable with change.

But change is such an inevitable part of life,you just gotta embrace it,be it openly or forcefully.
As a writer myself, i can relate to the fact that characters face all sorts of hurdles in the name of metamorphosis.However,it is such an irony that we ourselves feel totally out of our comfort zone when the same principle is being applied to us. 

As a new mum,it wasn't much of a problem but if introversion was to be applied to the status shuffle,you can count T-R-O-U-B-L-E!!!

The top 5 Transformative Events for me in year 2015:

1.I have become accustomed to the fact that i will most likely be alone in raising my baby..There are no excuses about that and i will want her to sleep as much as possible so that i can catch up on my own!!There will surely be questions rising based on my upbringing from all sorts of freakish people (talking abt relatives here,btw) but my baby is slowly exuding confidence in me!!

2.Introversion will be highly part of my routine and so will be her's!!She has got to accept me the way i am.I am pretty sure she will have problems at first.She will expect to cuddle,be entertained by me all the time but she has got to learn to play on her own too!!With time,i cross my fingers and pray to my Lord to make that happen!!

3.I got fat and my loved ones love to comment on my physique so much that i have decided to play music on full blast..You think i got much time for myself?Itz great enough that i have not turned into a zombie from insufficient sleep as of yet.Sometimes my energy get drained so much that i can barely fret but cry myself to sleep.Super sensitivity has got to me!!!

4.Opening up to my closest one has been always difficult since itz really,really hard to communicate with him.Even if he tries to understand and comfort me,sometimes it just seems that i don't want to burden him with my endless sentiments.Mind you,i am no whiner but our love languages are poles apart so i let it be most of the time.

5.I still continue to write but this time round,itz while breastfeeding and also trying to work under time frames,which i have mever done so in my life by far.My baby does seem to have a miraculous effect on me,in the sense that she would indirectly push me to work hard towards my passion for writing and not to give up on them,no matter how long it may take!!!

At the end of the day,itz always worth having a baby by your side who simply listens to you blabbering away and nods as though she understands every word that pops from your mouth.Sometimes you just need that in life;getting away from all the hustles and hectic days and just gazing at her innocent smiles!!

I will love to hear from all of you..Drop a message and spread optimism around till i'm back with another inspiring post!!!