Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Possible Causes of Introverts' Deaths

The world is a great place to live and thrive in,isn't it?? This article speaks for the silent introverts who are immersed in deep bouts of self-connection and probably alienation from the world.I can relate to this,being a party spoiler myself.

For starters,I raise my glass to introverts.Not just because I am an introvert myself but this life..Ohh this worldly life is a pretty mismatch for us,especially by whoever who treat us so cruelly and unjustly.Their eyes simply fail to see the beauty that lies within us.

Speaking from experience,I had been facing multiple issues since many years but in 2011 or 2012,I had solved the main problem.

The prospect of people pleasing,which sprouted since 2004!!This unpleasant nature had gotten to me so deep and settled in that it had become an integral part of me.Little did I knew that it had been gnawing at me,just like silent killer diseases.

The way I had discovered about this progressive disease of mine was via bouts of silent discoveries at each stage.Not just that but also the fact that some lovely unwanted idiots would pry on me and tell on me to my parents,who had a shocking discovery of how i had fallen into this evil trap of falsehood of

P.E.E.R  P.R.E.S.S.U.R.E!!!

I kept lying to my wannabe friends,one lie after another.Sure,this led me to having some popular defying girls during my teenage years.I had literally been manipulated so easily,with elevated thoughts of how terrible my parents were.

What the hell was i thinking???I've got the best parents but what the hell did i become back then??Yuckzz!!!😰😲😲

The next set of friends were no different.I had known them since childhood actually but we didn't really get close.We met on couple of festive occasions and that was it.If you're probably wondering,that was because these friends were the daughters of my mum's casual buddies.

I was expecting myself to feel much better than the previous clique of friends i had hung out with.To my horror,i had caught myself and my heart wandering away from the incessant small talks of these girls who had preferred talking about guys and relationships,clearly something which i had the least interest in talking about.Why would they want to bring up stories related to the lies i had once told my previous batch,about me having an imaginary boyfriend who took interest in me??

I had apparently wanted to run away from all of these that the world was attempting to challenge me with--that my past is gonna haunt me for life.Then,i made a choice and contemplated seriously over a couple of days,maybe a week before i announced my decision to my mum and then to one of the members of the tribe that was formed by the team of newly found friends.

Though it had been years since i had alienated myself from the tribe,we meet and socialize over festive seasons sometimes now.That's cool by me and something which my heart wants.

Ok,you might be wondering,why the tale now?The reason for shedding this layer of me is simply because i trust you.Each one of you,who's reading every word I've written.That the self-esteem of us introverts get shaken up so easily that it becomes almost impossible to build it back.We seek self-guide books and coaching gurus to mentor us back on the trail to elevated self-esteem.

No offence to their occupations and way of living but I have managed to boost my self-esteem and the strategy is very simple.The answer lies within yourself.

My heart has embraced my introversion,regardless of whether the members of the tribe or their mums accept my decision or not.That includes my mum as well.

The circle of introversion has to be brought further for a good cause.Self-esteem plays a crucial role in it.It may be only 1% of the issues that introverts face from this world but it affects them so much that they'd rather die than be with a bunch of wild party freaks and daredevils who go to extremes.

In the next segment,we shall have a bit of a chat about the difference between us introverts and the opponent extroverts in terms of the Attraction Factor that both teams demand.

Keep your feedback coming and stay with me as I bring you further into the interesting realm of introversion,where the silent voices ultimately fight to be heard.