Sunday, December 13, 2015

BLOG REVAMP--A special note to my readers

Hi all...

 It is a great privilege to come to this site of mine to bring forward a project which I truly feared--a children's book. Why so? You may ask. If you were one of my readers who had followed me earlier, on my bilingual fan fictions, you would most certainly understand that children's book might not be my cup of tea when all these while,those fan fictions related to various shades of friendship, marriage and love, especially that of unrequited love. So what was this sudden transition all about? How was it inspired?

 It was not in a spur of a moment. I had always planned on becoming a writer. The vision was clearly there but there was no path. Lots of fog piled up on my passion and I had ended up losing touch with my passion, my life. My years spent in high school was a sham and I lost trust in my own self.

Now that was a big vision breaker and it took years to resolve, to revive myself in the walls that I have created for myself. It was hard to even begin to write. I slowly took steps towards writing a small book for kids. This excited me. It brought a great part of my life back through the adversities that I have been lately going through.

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Give me a review in return. It will help me a lot in bringing joy to others who read my works and support them but more than anything, let my story support other women and individuals to not fear publishing a book.

The blog is currently undergoing a revamp, as you might have noticed from the change in URL. My journey as an author will be exclusive in another blog since I have decided to dedicate this blog to introverts and their and my reflections on a myriad load of stuff. The website will be revealed soon. So much is happening and there is more coming up.

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