Sunday, January 24, 2016

Mars Vs Venus: The Introvert's Nature to Networking

From a personal viewpoint, I have almost fallen into that trap.A gazillion times,now with relatives and "friends" who can't be trusted. It's energy draining. I get sucked up into this atmosphere filled with a majority of loud music and extroverts to top it up. 

Thanks to my hubby who don't even know that I use him to my advantage,as an excuse from running away from such parties.Lollxx!!He'll be super flattered and never come down from cloud nine!!

Nevertheless,a question keeps popping in my head.Why am I always often in such situations where I will have to mingle with lots of people all at once instead of having separate reunions with one or two loved ones??

I know how to socialise. I don't see the need to prove myself. .It's upon me entirely to decide who to socialise with. My choice, my time, my life.See,was that rude? That was simply an honest opinion.

Here,my introvert personality takes over me.The level of esteem after being energy drained dunks for sure. But only if it was exposed in front of the world, for them to see.

However, for me, I know one thing that no one knows. I am beautiful inside and out. I stay fearless of the liberty I give myself to choose to be with solitude and with people who can connect with me.

To them I am strong, bold and beautiful. Never am I arrogant except in the narrow one-minded people creeping all over my space.

Today I want to leave you all with a thought to reflect upon:

Would you want your life to be filled with regrets without expressing yourself freely or living your life to the fullest just because someone you care about or love said you just can't socialise or live the life they live--loaded with the energetic and zestful networking sessions which never seem to end. Never did we deny the existence of such sessions but don't call us inept. Rather, we have a more intimate manner of dealing with such sessions.

                      (Source: theballetblog)

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