Thursday, April 7, 2016

What Are Your Cravings??

Looking back on the story of my debut children's book, I can imagine the various young readers who think like Seema. She may be the one sister who drives her brother up the wall with her crazy demands.

I mean, who wouldn't find her cravings for the intense addiction to the Indian delicacy, the laddoos relatable? All of us surely have unusual and quirky cravings and addictions, which we will want to attain at any cost. Such was the fun or creating an enjoyable character like Seema. Sharad, on the other hand was a perfect brother for her, miserably caving into her demands. Seema had tapped into his craving for chocolate as a form of slowly killing the patience in him. Haha, the love of siblings is simply irksome.

If kids had loved the craze of Seema in the first book, I have a special surprise awaiting them for the upcoming 5 months. The second instalment is just around the corner. This time round, the story will be told from Seema's brother, Sharad's viewpoint. His love for robotics will be put to the test in 'Lil Mr Depressed' (tentative title).

So what are your cravings, my dear introverts? Feel free to share!!!